Decal Parties and Special Events


    Decal Parties are a very New and Unique idea that is becoming a big hit. A decal party consists of us, Vinyl Concepts coming to your party and sitting with you and your guests for 2 to 4 hours designing custom decals that you can all keep for yourself or give away as gifts or even pranks. These vinyl decals are great for everything from putting them on your cars to putting them on walls in your home for just some fancy home décor. You are ultimately the creators of some really cool things. We will walk you through the process of the computer and cutting end of it. It’s fun and easy. It also beats having another one of those same old Tupperware or candle parties. This is for men and women. One of the best parts about this is that there’s no waiting for an order to come in, the decals are made right there and then.

What it includes: Each guest will be able to make 4 to 12 Decal depending on there sizes. We will also help you install these or teach you how to do it yourself. There will be 25 different colors to choose from for your decals. These color can be mixed and matched if you’d like. There will be some custom colored vinyl there too, but will cost extra per decal.

    Parties have a standard starting Fee of $200 for set up and break down. Then a additional fee of $15 per person. There is a minimum of 12 people required for any party. FOR MORE INFO OR TO BOOK A PARTY, EMAIL OR CALL US...

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