Logo Designing

     We can design professional one of a kind logos specifically for your business and conduct a search to make sure that nothing similar has been designed yet. Then we can move on and  point you in the right direction to get your logo trademarked if you’d like. Logos may not seem to be very important to some people, but they are. Logos are the first image that customers mostly see and to a lot of people, a good logo may represent you as a highly professional and serious company.  Custom designed logos with a package start at $200. Price includes a CD with the logo and print out of the logo. That is the first package. Come in and ask us about more packaged deals that we offer.

Website Designing

     We can also design professional website for your business or organization. Websites are very important in this day and age. The days of searching in phone books for a business are long gone now that someone can search the internet and find more than just a phone number. The internet offers so much more and if you don’t have a website for your customers to see, they will be more inclined to find a different company that does to deal with. Don’t be left in the stone age. Website packages start at $499 (this starting package includes fully designed site, one domain name, and first years hosting). We do offer other packages and other Web services. Call us and find out how we can help your website and internet needs.